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If your business or organization requires you to perform work at outdoor sites that are away from the main building, then you are not going to have any toilets or showers around. How will your workers relieve themselves or clean themselves up? Do you really want them to go in the woods to do their business? Probably not. You could take the cheap route and rent a port-a-potty as the main toilet on your site. But what about the shower? What if your workers need to clean themselves up before they drive back home or to the main building? You...

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Do you have a team of workers who spend extended periods of time outdoors? If so, they’re going to need more than porta potties to relieve themselves. They will need full-scale toilet blocks and/or portable shower blocks. When you step inside of a toilet block, you will feel like you’re in an ordinary public restroom. The floors and walls are white, clean, and shiny. You could never tell from the inside that it is a portable toilet block in the middle of an outdoor environment. The toilet block could be placed on grass, dirt, or any other type of even...

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