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Anti-Vandal Units and Portable Canteens for Certain Worksites RSS

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A welfare unit is a compact and portable structure used to supply necessary facilities to construction sites. To fulfils construction workers’ requirements in cold, dusty, or demanding environments, welfare units come in handy. Refurbished welfare units are used welfare units that are renovated and modified according to the workers working in a specific environment.   What are the Basic Facilities provided in a Refurbished towable Welfare Unit?   Refurbished towable welfare units are even more convenient to use because of the ease with which workers can move them from one site to another. Some of the reasons you shouldn't refrain...

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Anti-Vandal Units, Anti-Vandal Units and Portable Canteens for Certain Worksites, Portable Canteens -

If you’ve ever been to a military site or construction site, then you’ve probably seen portable canteens and anti-vandal units before. Portable canteens are where military members go to cook and eat their meals when they’re away from their home base. Certain military members are assigned to cook the meals in a portable canteen. When they’re done, everyone else gathers in the canteen to eat their meals in order to re-energize themselves. As for construction sites, anti-vandal cabins are common to have on them. You can get a variety of uses out of anti-vandal units. They mainly serve as office...

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