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Just as the name suggests, welfare units equip workers with vital utilities at their construction ground. These facilities consist of the lavatory, shower cubicles, and other sanitation services, along with a cooking and dining area and changing rooms. Everyone deserves to work in a healthy environment with adequate living conditions. Unfortunately, this privilege is not extended to construction workers.  Although these provisions have proven to boost the morale and productivity rate of builders, they cannot be up for consideration. All companies are legally obliged to provide their employees with regularly refurbished welfare units. Welfare Amenities Some welfare facilities that every...

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Refurbished Welfare units are best catered to those working on the construction. Long hours in the sun can get draining and tiring.  Refurbished towable welfare units can be taken from construction site to construction site and serve as a great space for relaxing, to use for planning meetings and discussions, or as office space.  These refurbished welfare units are extremely accommodating to all needs one can have and thus are extremely desirable.  What are the different types of Refurbished welfare units There are many different types of refurbished welfare units for many different uses. Here are some of the various...

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