The Right Toilet Blocks For Sale

How To Select The Right Toilet Blocks For Your Site

As businesses have started reopening and the construction sites are resuming, your employees must have access to the necessities, including hot and cold water and toilets. However, choosing the right toilet block or searching for toilet blocks for sale can be overwhelming. So, with this article, we are sharing how you can select the right toilet blocks for your site!

Toilet Block Sale

4 + 2 Mains Toilet Block

If you have a bigger workforce on the construction site, you can opt for 4 + 2 mains toilet block which is designed with six toilets, forearm regulation sinks, and four urinals that offer an array of toilet facilities. You might also find a temporary site office for sale by the same companies. Usually, the companies take four weeks to deliver these toilet blocks, especially the ones with separate female and male facilities. Having said that, it’s a promising choice for people in the hospitality and leisure industry or have a huge number of people on the site at all times. 

2 + 1 Mains Toilet Block

If you are in search of something smaller or a space with limited toilet capacity, these toilet blocks are a promising choice. These toilet blocks are designed with three flushing toilets along with two urinals, making them a suitable choice for people who are looking for toilet blocks for sale for building sites and construction sites. These toilet blocks can be designed with female and male facilities, along with the forearm regular sinks, promising better hygiene standards and washing facilities. 

Eco Solar Loo

With the advancement in eco-friendly capacities, the construction sites often look for eco-friendly toilet blocks and the eco solar loos are the most recommended choices. These toilet blocks are designed with 8 x 5 dimensions and have a self-contained design, making them ready to use as soon as it’s ready to use. These loos are powered by patented solar technology, making them a promising choice for the environment. 

The eco solar loos are integrated with urinal and flushing W.C, cold and hot running water, lighting, hand dryer, and more, depending on the brand you choose. In the majority of cases, these loos have a generator-free design that not only reduces CO2 emissions but also needs little maintenance. With the reduction in CO2 emissions, the running costs will be reduced, so it’s more affordable in the longer run. Also, these are the most common portable toilet block for sale out there. 

In most cases, these toilet blocks are designed with the maximum capacity of one person, so it’s suitable for smaller sites that have a lesser workforce. Even more, these toilets take less time for construction and suffice the temporary toilet needs. Also, if you want, it can be integrated with a contactless pedal flushing to limit the spreading of germs. 

Toilet Block

Where to Buy the High Quality Toilet Blocks? 

To summarize, these are one of the most commonly used toilet blocks out there in the market. So, which one are you going to use for your construction site? Hiring professionals will provide the best results and value for money, so get in touch with the Cabinet Depot now. 

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