The Benefits of Portable Shower Blocks and Toilet Blocks

Do you have a team of workers who spend extended periods of time outdoors? If so, they’re going to need more than porta potties to relieve themselves. They will need full-scale toilet blocks and/or portable shower blocks.

When you step inside of a toilet block, you will feel like you’re in an ordinary public restroom. The floors and walls are white, clean, and shiny. You could never tell from the inside that it is a portable toilet block in the middle of an outdoor environment. The toilet block could be placed on grass, dirt, or any other type of even terrain.

As for the portable shower block, it can give you a nice shower when there are no other ordinary showers in the immediate area. Most of the shower block models come with toilets as well. You’ll find an arrangement of shower cubicles, toilet cubicles, washbasins, and urinals.

If you want to find a used modular building for sale, check to see if it comes with a toilet. If it does not, then purchase a toilet block for sale separately. Some people who want to live away from civilization will purchase these modular blocks instead of a traditional camper or manufactured home. Not only are these blocks cheaper, but they’re more durable too.

For instance, the exterior shell of the toilet blocks consists of steel material. This is certainly an upgrade from the plastic and aluminum materials that are used to make porta-potties. Steel is durable and anti-vandal, which means that a vandal or burglar will have a difficult time damaging the block. They won’t even be able to get inside without the proper keys too.

Remember that toilet blocks are private portable restrooms. They are not going to be used by just any random person off the streets. When you rent them, they are available to you and your team only. That is how they’re able to stay so clean.

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