The Advantages of a Converted Portable Toilet unit

Better productivity on site

Without any toilets on-site, construction workers often have to leave urgently in search of a public restroom, disrupting their work. This may be a long journey, and you might lose your staff for some time while they go to the toilet, especially with all of the distractions a trip away from the workplace can provide, such as browsing in a store or coffee shop. Not to mention, you might have to spend extra time at the site cleaning up or changing into clean clothes. Overall, in terms of productivity and time management, the use of portable toilets on-site improves efficiency.

Happier clients and better hygiene

Even if the construction site has toilet facilities nearby, this can still present difficulties. Because construction sites usually involve water and sewage line disruptions, the toilets could soon start looking like portable ones at a music festival that have not been cleaned in days. Clients may still be plagued by deep levels of discomfort and invasion from a large number of construction workers in filthy boots traipsing through their facilities, even if the toilets are operational.

Following the HSE regulations

It is every construction site manager's legal duty to provide adequate welfare facilities for their employees. This includes toilets, and chemical toilets meet these standards when water or sewage lines are not an option. Don't put yourself or your employees at risk of a fine from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) or causing them to be dissatisfied and ready to go on strike by disregarding the rules.

Eco-friendly welfare units

As climate change progresses, it is more important than ever that we consider the ways our actions impact the environment. Good business practices can include using portable toilets, which are much more environmentally friendly than traditional ones. Not to mention, they don't require nearly as much water and ensure that waste is disposed of safely.

Cabin Depot's Container Toilet Units

If you're sick of the construction site setup process being difficult, we have good news for you: converted containers can make your life so much easier. Whatever the situation, they can last for months or even years.

At Cabin Depot, we offer a variety of toilets with basins, urinals, toilet cubicles, and separate male and female sections to offer a pleasant, private toilet for your construction site. The welfare units we build also contain water heaters and are fully lit with fluorescent or LED lighting. Depending on the accessibility of water sources on your construction site, you can either connect the hose to a mains water or an effluent tank. 

Converted shipping containers are a good idea for any construction site since they can always benefit from their presence. If you're working on a new location, they're worth considering. Cabin Depot offers a range of options for you to purchase. Get in touch with us today to discuss what would be best for you.

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