Welfare Units And The Various Features That They Come With

Just as the name suggests, welfare units equip workers with vital utilities at their construction ground. These facilities consist of the lavatory, shower cubicles, and other sanitation services, along with a cooking and dining area and changing rooms. Everyone deserves to work in a healthy environment with adequate living conditions. Unfortunately, this privilege is not extended to construction workers. 

Although these provisions have proven to boost the morale and productivity rate of builders, they cannot be up for consideration. All companies are legally obliged to provide their employees with regularly refurbished welfare units.

Welfare Amenities

Some welfare facilities that every construction must have:

  1. Clean water for drinking
  2. Lockers
  3. Resting rooms with enough furniture and beds for pregnant or lactating women.
  4. Food facility
  5. Changing Rooms
  6. Sanitary conveniences

Clean Water

Wholesome water should be provided to workers. If possible it should be supplied from main. Hazardous water of liquids should be labeled to [prevent accidental intake. Drinking cups shall be provided too. In case the water is stored (not being supplied from the main) necessary steps shall be taken to protect it from likely contamination. 


Workers should be provided with enough space to store their clothing and personal belongings not needed on-site securely. Men and women should be given separate lockers. If this isn’t possible, the site office must act as the storage room, and be kept secure at all times.

Resting Areas

Resting areas should be adequately furnished so that they can accommodate all workers. Work equipment or materials are not allowed to be stored or planted in rest areas. Seats should have backs and the rooms should provide shelter from wind, heat, and rain. 

Food Facility

Food must be provided to workers after or between shifts. An eatery should be established that prepares warm food in hygienic conditions. Warm and cold beverages along with water should also be available at all times. Furthermore, dining areas should be equipped with a fridge and microwave oven.

Changing Rooms

Men and women should have separate changing areas. They should be secure and the privacy of all workers must be preserved. A drying facility must also be available. Clothes must not be put on heaters for the risk of causing a fire. Safe and properly ventilated drying units must be installed if necessary. 

Sanitisation facility

All construction sites should contain working toilets with a secure water supply. 


All toilets must be flushable with running water connected to the main drainage. Otherwise, an in-built water system must be used with proper waste disposal. 

Chemical toilets are only allowed infrequently refurbished towable welfare units; even then 1 toilet must be used by 7 persons only. Toilets should only be shared if they are lockable and urinals must be separated. Disposal bins and toilet paper must always be provided.

Shower rooms

Shower rooms should have hot, warm, cool, and cold water at all times. Unisex shower cubicles must be lockable and used by one person at a time. Soap, towels, or other adequate alternatives must be provided too.

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