Bespoke Container Conversions and Mobile Welfares in UK

We provide converted shipping containers, bespoke container conversions, and mobile welfares to clients across the UK.

What are the advantages of mobile welfares?

Mobile welfares have become very common in the recent years due to the great flexibility that they provide. There are fixed-units and ones that can be transported from one place to another. Fixed units are the most cost-effective option because these mobile welfares are easy to move even to remote locations. Mobile welfares are ideal for projects that lasts a few weeks. 

On the other hand, a static welfare units requires a crane to lift them off from one site to another. 

Bespoke container conversions: Benefits of mobile welfares

Mobile welfares are the most practical solution in most situations where you require converted shipping containers. They take up less space and is easy to install in practically anywhere you want. The interior mobile welfares are easy to maintain and clean. These units also come in very attractive styles. If you need to a mobile welfare, all you need to do is hitch up the trailer and drive away.

Another advantage of mobile welfares is that they are extremely convenient. You can easily place it even in sites where major construction projects are going on, to ensure that workers can carry on with their tasks. Mobile welfares can travel with the workers and be prepared along with the other essential equipment. 

General facilities of converted shipping containers

Bespoke container conversions and mobile welfares include the following:

  • Canteens
  • Kitchenettes
  • Hot water
  • Heating systems
  • Other configurations for office, storage space, or workroom space

Converted shipping containers and mobile welfares also include special features upon the request of clients. These features include Wi-Fi, first aid station, and CCTV cameras.

We provide mobile welfares, converted shipping containers, and bespoke container conversions including the following:

  • All mobile welfares
  • Groundhog mobile welfares
  • Static welfares
  • Toilet blocks – 12 Ft, 16 Ft, 21 Ft, and 32 Ft
  • Shower blocks
  • Secure storage containers – 10 Ft, 12 Ft, 16 Ft, 21 Ft, 24 Ft, 32 Ft, and 40 Ft
  • Steel secure storage containers
  • One trip shipping containers
  • Small cabins

We undertake delivery and installation for all of our mobile welfares, converted shipping containers, and bespoke container conversions.

Our mobile welfares are fully refurbished inside and outside with the following features:

  • Towable
  • Canteen
  • Toilet
  • Drying room /generator room
  • Toilet room
  • Remote controlled electric/ hydraulic deployment system
  • Anti-vandal and safety features
  • External power sockets

We offer professional transportation at affordable costs for all our mobile welfares, converted shipping containers, and bespoke container conversions.

Cabin Depot is one of the leaders in bespoke container conversions in the UK. We constantly provides customized and refurbished portable building solutions for our clients across the UK. We are based in Chichester, West Sussex, and provide a diverse range of high-quality, portable buildings.

Get in touch with us today for all your queries on bespoke container conversions. We can help your find the best solution with regard to mobile welfares and converted shipping containers.

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