Effluent Tank for Cabins / Toilet Blocks | Waste Tank for Containers WC, Toilet Blocks, Cabins

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New Steel Slim-line 600 Gallon Effluent Waste Tanks For Toilet Blocks, Cabins and Site Set Ups.

Our standard steel Effluent waste tanks have:

  • Two inlet points

  • An emptying gully

  • An internal steel frame

  • Forklift guides & lifting points for chains.

  • They are fitted with a sight gauge to avoid errors with over filling

  • They are finished in black, external anti-corrosive paint

  • They measure 3.5m x 2.5 m x 300mm (12x9ft)

  • 600 Gallons / 2725 Liters

£2245.00 Ex VAT 

We also offer some used effluent waste tanks - please contact our team for stock, availability & detail

Who buys our Effluent tanks? 

A range of businesses and individuals purchase our 2waste tanks, for uses including:

  • Building Site set Ups with no access to mains
  • Temporary Toilet Blocks set ups
  • Toilet solution for house moves & renovations

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