Why converting a shipping container into an office is a great idea

More organizations around the UK are choosing to utilize converted shipping containers as an additional workspace for a variety of reasons. They are simple to put together and inexpensive when compared to a traditional structure. Some businesses that purchased one of our storage units in London are now seeking to turn it into a flexible work area. But why is converting a shipping container into an office a fabulous idea and what is the truth of working in a converted container?

It is durable

A shipping container is built to survive being transported across the world, through all types of weather, so it will easily tolerate any UK weather.

Whether you're moving your office block across a city or around the country, a container office will last for years if properly maintained and refreshed – after all, they may endure more than 20 years of usage when used for shipping.

It is flexible

Many individuals opt for a shipping container because it may be expanded. A small company might only require one office at first, but as the business expands, additional units may easily be added to create a multi-room structure.

It is economical

There are several shipping containers accessible, the most cost-effective of which are insulated ones that will keep a constant temperature throughout the year.

If the shipping container you select does not already have insulation, its cost must be factored in. The most efficient type of insulation is spray foam insulation in its closed-cell form.

Depending on your specific business needs (plumbing, electrical outlets, furniture, and equipment), the actual cost of furnishing your workplace will vary.

If you have important items at your workplace, we can provide anti-vandal units in London and across the UK that will give additional security to your office environment for your complete peace of mind.

Creative interior design

With a little creativity, you might use the space constraints to your advantage. Windows and mirrors, especially when paired with cleverly designed furniture, lighting, and flooring, may aid in creating a feeling of spaciousness.

If you're relocating from a bigger workplace, it's a good idea to do some cleaning and organizing beforehand. The area is never restricted to simply one container. If you want extra room, it's possible to add more containers.

Location flexibility

For those who want to leave the city center atmosphere of noise and traffic, a shipping container office may be an excellent alternative.

A container is compact and may be placed in any rural area. People are choosing to work from home and put them at the end of their garden, which is commonly the case. Employees working in areas with a lot of open space have better focus and attention, resulting in around 15% more productivity.

In most situations, shipping containers have no underlying foundations and so don't need planning permission. If you want to set up in a rural location, be sure it's not a conservation area and the restrictions that go with it. If you wish to plumb your shipping container into the mains or connect it to electricity, you'll need planning permission. It's a good idea to check with your local planning authority whether any of this is necessary.

Adjustable and cost-effective office options

If you're seeking a unique, customizable, and cost-effective place to host your office, consider a converted shipping container or site cabin. They're a blank canvas, allowing you to build the exact area you want.

If you have any questions about the services available or need further information on how we may supply converted shipping containers for your company's needs, please fill in the form or call us at 01243 91 91 81.

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