Types of Welfare Cabins and Their Characteristics

At Cabin Depot, we try to offer small companies and construction sites high-quality portable housing and Welfare services at reasonable costs across the United Kingdom.

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Mobile Welfare units are all refurbished inside and outside to make sure your workers have a comfortable place to rest and take a break. Contact us today for more information!

Types of Welfare Cabins and Their Characteristics

At a time when workplace sanitation is more essential than ever, ensuring that you have the appropriate sort of welfare cabins to match your specific staff demands is critical. While Health and Safety duty of care requirements should always come first when selecting a site for safety units, minimizing the prospect of covid-19 cross-infection should also be considered.

Cabin Depot LTD produces and sells a wide range of static and mobile welfare units in a variety of configurations. Whether you require welfare units for construction sites, rail operations, hospitality, or short-term housing; by combining and matching Cabin Depot LTD modules, you may design your onsite welfare and accommodation cabins to meet the needs of all of your employees. They are not only created and produced to be easily cleaned and sanitized, but they may also assist you to reduce your carbon impact and saving money on operations by reducing waste.

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