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Insulated Flat Pack Storage Containers from just £3695!


Available in size 3m x 2m and 4m x 2m in colour Cream.


Insulated 'Flat Pack' Unit pricing:


3m x 2m Cream RAL9002 – £3695.00

4m x 2m Cream RAL9002 – £3995.00


Our insulated flat pack storage containers can be easily assembled without the need for specialist equipment.

Your unit can be taken apart without compromise to the structure – making them highly portable storage units that can be easily moved time and time again wherever you need insulated, secure storage.

Why use Insulated Storage Containers?

All of our units are built to A1 grade, meaning that they are both weather- and waterproof. However, residual atmospheric moisture locked in the air inside the enclosure may turn into condensation in extreme temperatures which could damage what you are storing within your unit.

Depending on what you are storing, potential condensation may not be a problem, but it will be necessary for storing more sensitive items (such as food, papers, cardboard, electronics or fabrics).

Benefits Of Our Insulated Storage Containers

  • We will help you to find the right level of insulation to suit your needs
  • Our insulated storage units come in five standard sizes between 8ft (2.24m) and 40ft (12.19m)
  • We can deliver the units flat-packed, so that they can be transported easily to even the most awkward to reach sites
  • They are easy to assemble and disassemble
  • They do not require complex machinery to transport and are reusable multiple times without compromising the integrity of the insulated structure
  • They are built from durable COR-TEN steel

Why Choose an Insulated Flat-Pack Unit?

Insulated Storage Units Protected from the Elements

Safely store temperature-sensitive items with a convenient, portable alternative to shipping containers.

Galvanised and Secure Storage Units

Strong, galvanized unit body with an improved double locking system to provide a secure insulated storage solution.


The unit is delivered flat-packed and can be assembled in less than an hour without any special machinery or tools.

Versatile and Transportable

Extremely versatile and can be dismantled multiple times and moved locations without damage to the shipping container.




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