At Cabin Depot LTD we are very excited to offer our customers a complete bespoke container conversion service.


We can customise & modify both 20x8ft and 40x8ft shipping containers for a whole host of purposes from bespoke 1 & 2 bedroom housing projects to garden offices & workshops. 


We can also join multiple containers together to create larger container conversion inspired spaces such as large offices and meeting rooms or large canteen complexes. No matter what your requirements may be, our container conversions services are specifically designed to suit your individual needs. Our service is completely customised & we believe that containers are highly adaptable, lending themselves perfectly to an endless number of applications.


If you think that this service may be of interest to you simply get in touch with our sales and enquiries team TODAY!
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Why we love shipping container conversions.......

We believe that shipping containers are the bespoke portable spaces of the near future. They are secure, adaptable and very resilient. With good maintenance & care, containers can easily last for over 60 years & their shape & structure lends to multiple design opportunities. They also possess many natural aesthetically pleasing features & above all they offer a cost-effective build option.


Here's a few example projects of our Bespoke Container Conversions. We completely custom design your Container build whether it's using just a single 20x8ft Shipping container to create a small but cosy living space, or multiple 40x8ft Shipping containers to create a large open space such as this unique canteen complex.


One Bed 20x8ft House Box: 

Our perfect little hideaway house box incorporates a cosy bedroom, smart & modern bathroom & an open plan living, kitchen and dining space. 



Large Canteen Complex using 4 x 40x8ft Shipping Containers