4 reasons to opt for shipping container home office

The popularity of a shipping container home office has never been higher. People are beginning to acknowledge the reality of climate change. In the following decade, more cost-effective and long-lasting construction techniques will be a top priority. The future is shipping containers as there has been a significant shift to working from home.

Containers can be made to your specifications. You are free to choose the color, type of glazing, fixtures, and fittings for your container - allow your imagination to run wild.

One of the reasons you should utilize shipping containers to create is because of the cost and environmental benefits. But there are others: speed, style, and security. Containers are pre-built and available for purchase on the market. They're incredibly sturdy, easy to personalize, and long-lasting.

Easy installation

You may purchase a shipping container that is more than twelve meters long, which is broader and longer than the usual house. You receive a lot of material for the price. The container may simply be chopped and repurposed to create your new workstation at home. The project is completed entirely off-site. The container is delivered and set up at your house once it's finished. This transforms it into a portable office that may be relocated at any time in the future.

Environmentally friendly

Using shipping containers as a building material is more environmentally friendly. It's because a recycled shipping container has already had so much mileage. On land and water, it carried goods all around the world. Depending on the purpose for which it is utilized, a shipping container might have a lifespan of ten to thirty years. Expect to enjoy another fifty years of usage after decommissioning, treatment, and cladding. So there you have it. The manufacturing process is the same across all products. Only one production technique is used, and it occurs throughout the entire product's lifecycle. A single reused container has two or more lifetimes. As a result, its carbon footprint is considerably lower than if it had been simply discarded.

Extra security

Containers are built to endure a lot of strain - they can withstand being dropped off a container ship in a storm. It's no surprise that they are excellent secure structures. When built correctly, they're extremely hard to break into or vandalize.

No permissions required

Because they are transportable, container offices do not need planning permission. They are thought of as temporary structures that don't require permanent foundations. They should be kept at least five meters away from your house and occupy less than 50 percent of your garden size.

However, if your home is a listed building or you live in a conservation area, you'll need to get permission from the local authority.

Cabin Depot portable office solutions

A converted recycled shipping container, in our opinion, is the ideal solution for creating your own home office in your yard. Traditional construction methods take more time, are more expensive, and less sustainable than prefabricated structures.

At Cabin Depot, we handle the whole procedure, from design to installation, and everything in between. Please contact us on 01243-91-91-81 if you have any queries.

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