No 530 | 20x8 ft | Static Welfare | Canteen + Toilet+ Drying Room

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Cabin Depot presents very good condition 20 x 8 Ft Evo Welfare Anti Vandal Unit!

That unit comes without a generator.


- Steel Anti Vandal Construction
- Resprayed Grey  
- 3 no.  Doors to the office/canteen = Toilet +Drying Room area with locking keys

- 2 x Double Doors to Generator room / Tank room
- 1No.  windows with anti-vandal external shutters.


- Room 1: Canteen c/w Sink Unit, Water Heater, Worktop, Lighting, Heating, Sockets & 2 x4 Seat Table Units
- Room 2, Toilet with septic tank

- Room 3, Drying Room
- Room 4: Generator room that can be used as storage or we can fit generator. 



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