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Versatile Storage Solutions


Our general purpose Flat Pack Storage Containers are simple to build and easy to relocate, making them perfect for a wide range of everyday storage needs.

The units are easily assembled and require no special tools for construction – just the nuts and bolts supplied. They are just as easily disassembled without compromising the structure, allowing you to move the unit or store it flat when not in use.

Our general storage units are available in galvanised or powder coated finishes and are available in 3 sizes.

Bespoke sizes are also available on request.


Why Choose a Portable Flat-Pack Unit?

Quick Assembly

The flat-packed unit can be assembled in under an hour without any special machinery or tools

Versatile and Transportable

Easily dismantled and can be moved to alternative locations to meet the needs of the required storage

Strong and Secure

Secure storage solution complete with galvanized unit body and an improved double locking system for additional security

Customise to Your Needs

Customisable with two colours of powder coating and additional accessories available include a locking bar, shelf kit and ramp

CE Marked with 5 Year Guarantee

Our general purpose storage units have an approved CE mark and come with a five-year guarantee


Things To Know About Our General Purpose Storage Units

  • Our general purpose storage units are made from high quality materials resulting in a brilliant finish.
  • The high quality unit frame is strong and robust, taking advantage of a box profile made from galvanised steel. The roof panel of the unit features two integral gutters to drain rain water efficiently from the enclosure corners.
  • Fabricated using coated galvanised steel sheets, and joined by a spot welding process, the unit door panel can easily be fitted to suit your needs. Doors are equipped with a handle, central roller catch and 1250mm euro deadlock, so your storage unit is secure and ready to use straight away.

Features and Benefits

Robust Unit Floor

  • The flat-pack unit floor is pre-fitted with an 18mm grade 3 Norbord Canadian Sterling Board, providing strong load-bearing capabilities.  
  • The boarded floor is then screwed into durable galvanized steel.

Strong Framework

  •  All of our flat-pack units have an approved CE Mark and come with a 5 year guarantee so you can rest assured you are purchasing a quality product.
  • The unit sides and roof are fabricated from strong galvanised steel panels.
  • The flat-pack units feature box profile roofing sheets which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also able to withstand wind and rain.
  • The flat-pack unit roof also has two integral gutters for effective drainage of rainwater from all the corners of the unit.

High-Quality Door

  • The unit door frames are made from 0.5mm galvanised steel sheets coated with cold formed powder for improved strength and surface finish.
  • The galvanised steel sheet door frames are fused together using an efficient and clean spot-welding process.
  • The doors can be installed anywhere in the unit to suit your specific requirements.
  • The unit doors measure at approximately 1250mm wide, outward opening and are mounted on the right and left. The doors are also equipped with a door handle and central roller catch for ease of use.
  •  For security, a 1250mm euro deadlock is fitted which can be easily replaced if needed.

Brilliant Finish

  • General purpose flat-pack units are available powder coated in green (RAL6005) or blue (RAL5010) so they are more aesthetically pleasing and blend into the surroundings.
  • If you require a different colour, customised powder coating is also available with a range of RAL colours available on demand.

Delivery with Peace of Mind 

  • Units are delivered flat-packed so can be transported easily into the desired location.
  • All portable storage units are packed to protect them against damage during transportation and while unloading the material on sites.

General Purpose Storage Units Technical Data

Feature 2×2 metres 2×3 metres 2×4 metres
External Finish Galvanised finish, with powder coated paint in green or blue (other RAL colours available on request) Galvanised finish, with powder coated paint in green or blue (other RAL colours available on request) Galvanised finish, with powder coated paint in green or blue (Other RAL colours available on request)
Length (approx.) 2100mm 3100mm 4100mm
Width (approx.) 2150mm 2150mm 2150mm
Height flat-packed (approx.) 300mm 300mm 300mm
Height assembled (approx.) 2100mm 2100mm 2100mm
Weight (approx.) 275kg 355kg 545kg
Door Width (approx.) 1250mm 1250mm 1250mm

 We Stock 'Flat Pack' Storage Solutions

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